Sunday, June 14, 2009

Neisha--n--Josh 2-gether 4-ever

Today is our wedding anniversary. 7 years of wedded bliss. Prior to June 14, 2002, we dated for 9 years. Yes, NINE. We were just babies when he asked me to be his girlfriend at break on April 14, 1993, but goodness, it seems like just yesterday. WE WERE BABIES. When we started "going out", I didn't have a driver's license and my youngest nephew wasn't even 9 months old yet.
We've been through a lot together.
junior high and high school, proms, graduations, college, patrol academy, graduate school, moving, lots of bridesmaids dresses (and tuxes for him, ha). Fresh starts, happy endings; years, lessons, commitment. Ups, downs, friends, pets, babies, grandparents, church, life, death. Memories, friendship, romance, togetherness. Patience, compromise, forgiveness, effort, companions. Sickness, health, rich, poor (and not just money for those two!), cold, warm, joy, sorrow... growth. Making a home, building a life, together. Lucky. Happy. I do.

I've been wanting to post some nostalgic photos to my blog for some time now. I thought today would be a great time to venture into the old photo albums. I won't be doing this often, as it takes some time to sort through the MILLIONS (no lie, I mean, literally) of pictures that I have, and then even more time to scan the oldies. I love to blog and all, but just think of all of the Kodak moments I'd be missing if I spent all my time going through the old stuff to post?!!!
Enjoy. Fortunately for you, I won't hear your laughter through the computer monitor.

First Dance

Destin, 1994, i think

school field trip

with my youngest nephew Travis after my 9th grade beauty pageant;
Travis will be a senior in the fall

after a game, his 11th and my 10th grade year, BCHS

his Senior Prom; my Junior year

Josh's high school graduation, 1996

beauty pageant, my senior year, BCHS

Prom, my senior year

my high school graduation, 1997

legend said we'd be next!
Amy & Duane's wedding, 1999

Patrol academy, 1999

patrol academy graduation, 2000

Just engaged! April 14, 2001

Southern Miss graduation, 2001

Engagement photos

And, I can't seem to get the actual wedding photos to work. I'm tired out. I hate to skip ahead to the post-wedding pictures without first posting a wedding picture! So, I think I will have to hold those, and all the other memories (photos) that I wanted to share until next year. Or maybe I can do another Nostalgic post later on. we'll see.....

Happy Anniversary Josh. I love you too.


Jennifer said...

I never knew we had the same wedding anniversary! Ours is June 14th also! It is 6 years for us today :) I will be doing my anniversary post later on today! I loved seeing all the pictures of ya'll!

StephF said...

How sweet, Neisha! Congratulations! We will celebrate 15 years on Thursday...where does the time go?!

hstingley said...

Too funny to see old pics, but time does fly doesn't it?!