Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mother's Day

I know, I know. Mother's Day has come and gone. But, I think we have already established that "Late" is my middle name. I took pictures and even thought about what I wanted to blog for Mother's Day... and then... I never got around to doing the actual post.

Part of the problem lately is that I am home for the summer (yay! - that's really NOT a problem... just when it comes to blogging) and dealing with Dial-Up, which is so, so frustrating. Yeah, they're still saying we are too deep in the boonies for DSL. Still. Hhheeeeeellll-llllllloooooooo out there! can anybody hear me? hello?!! If any BellSouth people happen to be lurking around my blog, please have mercy on me! I desperately need DSL. Us people in the boonies need it more than you city people! You know, so we can get online and buy shoes and research the DIY for indoor plumbing. help! (p.s., would it help if I also threw in that I teach a couple online classes? and that your dial-up is hindering the learning of tomorrow's leaders?!!) :-)

Ok, sorry folks, just had to take a moment to appeal to the imaginary BellSouth Blog Reader guy. I hope he will leave a comment this time... hey, I can't continue to give shout-outs if you don't ever comment! y'all understand.

anyway, mother's day. yeah, I took pictures, thought about the post, was inspired, and just never found the time in between. So, I'm posting now. So there. More evidence that I am late, in the Blogosphere just like in the Real World. The good thing is that being late in the Blog world doesn't really change anything; not really. So, here's pictures from Mother's Day. Taken on Mother's Day. Posted Late. As in, not on Mother's Day. Or, the day after. But, nevertheless, posted, and that's all that matters. I received the sweetest gifts from my children and husband. I just couldn't resist sharing the sweetness. Posting late just allows me to enjoy them all over again. So, maybe, just maybe, my tardiness was on purpose.

Pictures Above: Jax made this sweet gift for me at school, brought it home on Friday, and gave it to me to open on Sunday. Look at the wrapping! The "flowers" are his actual hands, traced and cut out of construction paper. I knew I'd love it before I even opened it. I didn't want to open it, but I did, and I managed to save the flower hands - they look great in a vase in my kitchen window. Inside the adorable wrapping was a little candleholder - a glass jar, painted green and decorated with little ladybugs - made from his very own thumb prints! LOVE IT! The next two pictures are more handmade gifts from my beautiful children. These were made at church. The first is a picture of flowers, made by Jax, with his thumb prints (flower petals), finger (flower stem), and finger prints (grass). Adorable! And, sweet little Joy made the cute pink footprints in her Sunday School class, with a sweet poem attached. Both are definite framers!!! love these!! Josh came up the the charm bracelet idea all on his own. I LOVE IT. The bracelet features a little boy head and a little girl head, each with their names and birthdates inscribed, and also a charm with my initials. This was perfect.... so ME! And lastly, a rare picture of me with both of my children - not everyone has a perfect smile in this photo, but at least we all have eyes open! ha. Thank you, Josh, for honoring me on Mother's Day. Being a Mother is the "hat" that I cherish most.