Thursday, July 2, 2009

an afternoon abbenture

"Momma?" he said, randomly, out of the blue, "Can we go on an abBENture [adventure]?"
Um, like what, Jax?
"An AbBENNNture! C'mon, Momma, it's a dreat [great] idea! Let's doe [go]!"

and, so, we spent the majority of the afternoon outside, walking around the yard, on an adventure. Jax, donning only shorts, and Joy, happy-go-lucky as usual, riding along in the wagon.
Where did our spontaneous adventure take us?
well, we never ventured out of the yard, but we visited every tree in this exquisite jungle. Our mission: to collect as many different leaf specimen as we could, and also to check for fruits and/or flowers ("gold" or "flags") before the squirrels ("sharks") eat them up. We let our imaginations lead us on this adventure... so much so, I honestly have forgotten all of the stops that we made.
But we had a blast all the while.
Thanks, Jax, for the wonderful abBENture.