Sunday, June 6, 2010

how much can fit into ONE PURSE?

I have always laughed and taunted my sister, mother, and friends for carrying a BIG purse. As a young girl, I really wasn't big on carrying a purse as some "fru-fru" girls are; I guess I was somewhat of a tomboy in that respect. But when i began driving and working after-school as a teenager, I found a new need for a purse, so I began carrying one more consistently. However, I have ALWAYS carried a small purse. I have always adored all things compact, and never desired to carry a suitcase of things I may need once in a hundred years like my friend Amy. Or, my sister. Or my mother. ha. That is, until I got kids. Plural. KIDS.

When Jax was born, I continued my small-purse-habit without hesitation. As a side note, I did always carry a larger diaper bag than necessary with all of the things that I may need for baby Jax, but, you see, he was a baby... I don't think I realized it at the time, but that very fact could have been the thing that would eventually lead me away from the small-purse-obsession. Anyway, let's continue with the story...

Then, Joy was born. I found myself carrying her diaper bag (big - she's a baby), a smaller, but still larger-than-my-purse-preference "toddler" bag for Jax, PLUS my purse, everywhere we went. It was too much. So, first I tried condensing but still found myself with too much baggage. I found myself snatching my wallet out of my purse and placing it in Joy's diaper bag when I went out in public, and I'd leave Jax's bag in the car, where I could return for it if we needed it. This somewhat worked, but could get confusing and cumbersome at times, especially when in a hurry - I would forget where I put what. And Josh would just roll his eyes and stand and wait for me to find whatever it was that I needed - even though the task often required complete search of all three bags. He would comment that we should leave something at home, but then the few times that I did leave something behind, he would be the very one to request that item.

Then, Christmas came. Christmas 2009. I received what I believed to be a purse for Christmas. It was a large hobo-style bag that I guess could be either a small diaper bag or a purse. Since it had a large "N" on it, I assumed it to be a purse, so I treated it as such. At first, I sorta set it aside, because it did not meet the "small purse" qualifications that I looked for in my bag selections. But after the holiday hoopla calmed down, I decided to give it a try. It was nothing like a purse I had carried before. Nope, couldn't call this one "compact"; there was no compartments; it was just one big gaping hole. So as I transferred my few purse items into the new bag, it sorta looked pitiful. My belongings did not nearly fill the bag, but I carried it anyway, and as time went on, I found out just how handy a "large" purse could be.
I virtually stopped carrying a bag for Jax, and most of the time, no bag for Joy either. I simply stuffed the few things they needed into my "large purse". It's great. Of course, I don't have a baby anymore either. ha.

So, on to the point of this post. Yesterday, I decided that it was PAST TIME to clean out my large, carry-all purse. It had gotten so cluttered, I was finding it hard to find anything, and I was even resorting to my old trick of just grabbing my wallet and leaving the rest in the car when out and about. What was the point? So, a cleaning/organizing/condensing session ensued. I was amazed at the results! I thought I should just share what all I FOUND in my purse. This could be a paid testimony for large purses... y'all are not gonna believe.... well, ok, let me just tell ya - here's what I pulled out of my purse:

my wallet; my keys; a small make-up bag; a brag book with photos of baby JAX (he's 4 1/2 years old now!); 127963 debit card receipts that had not been added to my checkbook register; 98978746725184 general receipts; 11 old grocery lists; 4 department store sale flyers; a pair of scissors; my date book; 3 months worth of bank statements - still in the envelopes in which they were mailed; two sippy cups - one empty and one with something yucky-looking remaining inside; 4 diapers - one of which appeared to be used due to the apparent leakage of a chocolate milk sippy cup at some point; one package of baby wipes; 2 small packets of kleenex; a small measuring tape; 17 grocery coupons - all expired except 2; 6 Toys R Us coupons, also expired; two envelopes of junk mail; 9 deposit slips; three suckers and one ring-pop; one bag of mini-m&m's; 2 check stubs; 4 paper clips; 4 pens; 1 sharpie marker; 6 pair (yes! 6!) of kiddie sunshades; 2 small bottles of germ-x; one package of disposable placemats; one disposable bib; one pair of socks (Jax's); hotel reservation confirmation; neosporin (my Mom would be proud!); 4 band-aids in original packaging; 1 band-aid folded up, apparently used; Magnolia Power & Light refund check (uncashed), dated December 30, 2009; carseat installation instructions; one empty CD sleeve; 3 Red Box receipts, and 2 Red Box promotional codes for free rentals (almost expired!); 3758 used tissues; 3 stickers; 4 appointment cards; 3 packs of gum, all opened but with at least one piece remaining; one wad of paper, suspected to be the home of some ABC gum; one spoon; about a dozen safety pins; a Walgreens CD of photos; two notepads; a bag of Goldfish - smushed; 736 old "to-do" lists; 5 recipes; 2 invitations - one birthday party, one baby shower, both in early May; 7 business cards; one shoe (Joy's - been searching for it for weeks); small bottle of bug spray; one hairbow; one hair clip; a calculator; and about 84927487620748729768537643195020 crumbs!


So, I now have an organized condensed large purse... but I'm sure it will resume its job of collecting any and everything immediately. Like a magnet - that's how this purse rolls! It's so efficient, how could I ever go back to my previous habit of compact, compartmentalized, small convenient purses?