Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Day Update

As promised here are the pictures from the first day of Preschool for Jax, and the first day of Daycare for Joy:

Yes, I know, it looks like tons of fun and lots of rebellion going on. But actually, they were both ok with going; Jax was crying because he didn't want his picture made (sleepy!) and Joy was crying because I took her beloved blankie away for the photo op (sleepy!).
Day 2 was much better so I took photos again:

That's about all I got... we were running late and Jax's Photo Tolerance level is currently at an all-time low.


Angela said...

LOL, looks like you had about the same luck with photos as I did. We'll smile when we look back at them though. So glad Amelia has another little girl her age to play with at school this year!

marsha said...