Monday, August 17, 2009

1st day of Preschool / 1st day of Daycare

Today's the day. Both of my children are Co-Lin students now. What classes are they taking? Well, Jax is taking Preschool classes, and Joy is in the Child Development Center. They're hard-working little Wolves! :-)

Jax started his first day of Preschool this morning. He was excited. And tired. He fell asleep on the way this morning, but was happy to wake up and see his new classroom, and all of his friends, both new and old. He was super excited about getting to play on the "big" playground today. Lord, please don't let it rain today so my little man can play on the big playground. I just don't know if he would survive if they didn't let him get out on that big playground today. When I dropped him off, he ran into the room, and immediately returned to get me to show me something cool that he had found to play with (a rocket). Then, off he went again, and never looked back. He found his buddies and was so much into playing and chatting it up with them, that he never even noticed me leave. Aw. Bye, Jax, have a good day! I can't wait to pick him up this afternoon and find out how preschool went!

Joy started her first day of daycare this morning. She was excited. And tired. She fell asleep on the way this morning, but was happy to wake up and see her new room, new friends, and new toys. She was super excited about the mirror in her room. ha. And she was enjoying watching Amelia and Aiden when I left her with Ms. Margaret this morning. Ok, well, actually, she was inspecting them. But at least she was doing so quietly, and not calling attention to herself. yet. I put away all her things, and waved bye, but she was so busy inspecting, she didn't notice me leave either. Aw. Bye, Joy, have a good day! I can't wait to pick her up this afternoon and find out how her day went!
yes. she will tell me. stop snickering.

First day photos coming soon. In the haste to leave the house this morning, I forgot to bring my camera for uploading photos. Guess I thought I may be a little tied up with MY classes; it never occurred to me that I could do a little live blogging today during lunch break, since I forgot my lunch at home. ugh


Jennifer said...

I hope everyone had a wonderful first day of school :)