Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jax is 5 !

Jax had one request as we began thinking about what to do for his 5th birthday:  he wanted Blue Thunder to attend.  That's his beloved 'coon dog.  Yep, that looooud blue tick hound.  He wanted to have his party at "some place" besides our house, he said, and he wanted to invite Blue Thunder.  Oh.  Wow.  How will I handle this?  No "place" is going to allow a D-O-G to attend!!!   So, after some thought, we decided that we would make Blue the celebrity guest... and then our 'coon hunting party idea came forth.  It was a perfect theme for Jax - he's really into 'coon hunting lately.  So, we decided to go with it!
Now, I just THOUGHT I had a hard time finding paper goods and party supplies with a shoe theme for Joy...  well, this 'coon idea was an ultimate challenge.  I think it turned out pretty cool, and he definitely had a unique party and coordinating memories.  The night of the party turned out to be soooo cold, we decided not to do the mini-scavenger/coon hunt that we had planned, but it still worked out perfectly.  Here's some pictures for you to see our 'coon hunting party theme in action:

food table  On the menu: HotCoonDogs and all the trimmings

we used his Davy Crockett-style 'coon skin hat as a topper for the 3 tiered platter

His cake was fashioned from the invitation design

We loved the 'coon cookies, made by Mrs. Heather.  We displayed pictures of Jax's recent 'coon hunting escapades around, since finding 'coon-themed decor was not gonna happen

there's the celebrity guest and the Guest of Honor arriving at the party, with many fans waiting to meet and greet.

Getting ready to blow out the candles.  Look at the paparazzi, ready to get all the photos!

a bashful grin as everyone sang "Happy Birthday".  Blue sang along from outside.  Loudly, I should add... VERY loudly.

He did it!  He blew out all FIVE candles!

opening gifts - he was excited to get his very own wallet... WITH money already in it.  Why is it I never get a pre-filled wallet?

opening gifts with friends

for party favors, we gave each guest a mini light.  They were fun for all ages

It was very cold outside, but the party couldn't have turned out any better.  All of Jax's friends were there, INCLUDING his best canine friend, which made him SO HAPPY.  He was so excited to have his friends finally meet Blue Thunder, too.  And, Blue Thunder was pretty darn happy himself...  I think someone slipped a HotCoonDog out to him!

Happy Birthday, Jax!


Angela said...

Love this! I can't believe Jax is 5! Time sure flies. Great job on the coon-huntin' party! I bet it was the first of its kind!

Kit said...

i love this. i am not sure we could pull off a 'coon party but could be part of a camping party. I am sooo sharing this with friends. Great work Super Mama.

Anna Blackwell said...

I love this party idea! My son is turning 4 in May & he wants a coon hunting birthday party! I love all your ideas.. Where did you get the invitations & party favors from?

~neisha~ said...

Hi Anna Blackwell, thanks for stopping by! This party was completely "made-up" as we went along. With the help of a friend, I made the invitations and party favor tags using PhotoShop and MS Publisher. I printed them myself on cardstock. I bought the 'coon digital clip art from etsy - you can just search etsy for "raccoon digital clip art" or "robot digital clip art" or whatever you need. I bought the favors (lights) from our local Home Depot - they were in the section with the regular flash lights, and they already had a lanyard attached, I just added on the favor tags. Best of luck to you planning your 'coon hunting party for your son! My favorite part is that it really was a true reflection of what our son likes - not just a trendy character that will fizzle out in a few years.