Friday, February 18, 2011

How much trouble could ONE picture be?


Ok, so that's a decent picture.  Not the worst ever.  Not the greatest by any means, but it was somewhat what I was looking for.
I would have initially labeled that one "bad" and deleted it without second glance.
It gets the label "decent" only after you consider the work that went into that picture.
But, how much work was involved in that ONE picture?
Oh, you don't even know! 
It was a ridiculous amount of begging, pleading, positioning, fussing, whining, aggravating, crying, flopping, and complaining that took place before I finally got that shot. 
And the sad part?  -- it's still not exactly what I was aiming for!!!!    It was just too much trouble ... I gave up.
Take a look at just a FEW of the snaps I went through in order to get that ONE "quick" snapshot picture above.  Geez!!

Take ONE:
 Take TWO:
 Take THREE:
 Take FOUR:      (Jax was actually in the middle of snapping his fingers, I'm pretty sure, but, still - what's up with that bird? !!!  So, tell me how you really feel about taking pictures, son!!!)
 Take FIVE:

 Take SIX:

 Take NINE:
 Take TEN:

{yawn}  Ok, I'm getting tired and outdone just posting these.  This is only half of the trouble that was involved in that one frazzlin picture.  Yes, seriously.  There are more.  Lots more.
Why?  WHY, children?  Why can't you ALL just look at me and look pleasant and freeze that way for just ONE second.  Why do you work me like this, all while snickering silently inside as you connive with each other via mental telepathy to create more group un-cooperation and mom-stress?  Why? 
All I wanted was ONE picture.  I guess I got it.
But I got you back!  Cause your charades are now posted for all the world to see!  
Everybody say, "Yaaaay!"



We Are Gibsons said...

This is too cute! I love seeing the progressions, or should I say regression haha! I do believe that # 13 is my fave, Jax is yawning and Joy is all but asleep! Oh so this is what I have to look forward to!!!