Thursday, February 17, 2011

Goody Goody TWO shoes!!

One, Two, buckle my shoe!  And, One, Two, buckle these shoes, too!  And, these!  and those too!

Our resident princess had a very appropriate SHOE themed 2nd birthday party in December.  Hence our invitation and party theme:  Goody Goody TWO Shoes!
This child LOVES her some shoes, so nothing would "fit" her better than a Goody Goody TWO Shoes party.  Since finding "shoe" themed paper goods for a little girl is next to impossible (why is it that all of the party stuff that I did find with shoes on it, also had martini glasses -- ??? ), we developed our own theme and color schemes to match her personality.  Although her birthday is in December, we opted for fun, bright colors and patterns that were as far away from "Christmas time" as possible.  I thought it turned out to be a very cute party. And, FUN too!

Mrs. Lisa made our cake and cupcakes, and they were so goooooood!  And, ADORABLE too!

We opted for 3 tiers of cupcakes, with a small cake for Joy to enjoy, rather than the traditional one large birthday cake   Goody, Goody!

we LOVED these shoe sugar cookies, and they were sooooo good too!  Mrs. Heather created these, each with a unique design, coordinated with our color scheme.  Don't you love them?!!  Goody, Goody!

here's our table setting!  Mrs. Stacy let us borrow these table clothes - they were just what we needed to tie it all together!  Goody, Goody!

snacks, in easy-to-handle "cones" that I made myself.  EASY, EASY
close up of the fondant "zebra" print cupcakes  CA-YUTE!

THE Princess

a crown for the prissy little Shoe Queen.  Goody Goody!

a little modeling...

modeling... shoes, of course

she listened intently as everyone sang Happy Birthday.  Goody Goody!

and, she was successful with blowing out TWO candles.  Goody Goody!
we set up a little "shoe shop" for the girls to try on, and try on, and try on... until their little shoe-loving hearts were content!  GOODY, GOODY fun!
these were her pick for the moment.always subject to change, of course!
Don't blink!  She'll change those shoes on ya in a heartbeat!  and, in 2 seconds flat!
Opening gifts -- also a great opportunity to prop your feet up  :-D
she loves her babies
ah!  her first pair of Tom's!!  And, look at that!-- they're sparkly- perfect princess attire
There wasn't anything huge or spectacular at the Goody Goody TWO shoes party, but I think it was perfect for this group of prissy little two-year-olds!  Kids and adults alike enjoyed the food, and I think the adults enjoyed the constant shoe fashion show entertainment just as much as the adorable little two-year-old shoe models did.  Gosh, I think they could even teach some of us a thing or two about walking (and running) in heels!!
Happy Birthday Joy!  Goody Goody TWO Shoes!


Jennifer said...

Joy is sooo cute! The shoe party theme is a great idea...may have to "steal" it one day for one of my little fashionistas :)

Angela said...

Oh, I just LOVE all of these! Everything was so cute! I'm so sad we had to miss the party. Great job!

mackyton said...

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