Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Welcome back! or Go away! ??

Many of you know that I follow WLBT-3 meteorologist Barbie Bassett through her own personal blog, Barbie's Forecasts & Faith. I think she is an amazing woman and mother - she has such a way with words, and people. She seems to be one of those people that cannot be brought down, no matter what. I aspire to be more like her - to look at the positive side of every situation, and to look to God for the answers when I don't have them on my own.
Barbie posts some weather forecasts and weather-related information on her blog, but she primarily posts stories about her family and her personal walk with God. But, some of the most shocking posts on her blog are related to her professional duties as WLBT Chief Meteorologist. On several occasions, she has shared emails from her viewers - both fans, and foes. I AM AMAZED AT THE THINGS SOME PEOPLE WILL SAY (write)!!!
Like Barbie, I get a lot of emails, mostly from students, but I usually keep them to myself, too embarrassed to admit the things that people have said about me. Today, I decided that it is time to share some of the things that YOUR leaders of tomorrow have on their minds. Here's two emails that were in my Inbox when I returned to work from Christmas break yesterday:
1.) "i just want to say thanks for that lovely d in your class now i have to repeat that class over and my gpa is messed up and has me on probation as well . i do not known why u think that an online class has to be that hard and when u seen that it was a blank page submitted why didn't u email to if there was some kind of error with the submitting because what i had on that page was some work but why it did not get to u i do not known , but it is a lost call with u."
Since I'm in the Alphabet business now, I thought I should extend the offer to my friends and family as well! Why should I GIVE letters to students only??!!! Are there any blog-followers out there who are in dire need of a letter? Apparently, I have some tucked away somewhere, and I just freely pass them out. So, get yours while they're free -- it would be too much trouble to actually earn them.
Here's the very next email that was in my box:
2.)"Hey Ms. Leggett. I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed your class this semester. I thought you were just an awesome teacher that actually made psychology fun and interesting.(haha) Really have enjoyed your class I wish I could have taken your human growth class, but I just took what I could. Hope you have a nice holiday.
Your a great teacher don't give up on these kid's. I can see where they would be a challenge."

Boy did that one come at the right time or what?!! Wow
And this is how my days go... the little feedback that I do receive is so contradictory... like a roller coaster. It is so difficult to devise my classes to quench the thirst of the "good" students who really want to learn, but to also tolerate the "bad" student who is only keeping my classroom desk warm just long enough to get his/her financial aid refund.
FRUSTRATING is an understatement.
Tomorrow begins Day 1 of the Spring semester. I'll go over the syllabus and explain how COLLEGE works to the students who show up for the first day of classes. Of course, that will be only the "good" students - those who want to learn, who want to be in college, who want a degree, and who want to BE somebody. The others - well, they'll come dragging in next week sometime, and they'll be the ones who fail or nearly fail because they were not present to hear the rules and the explanation of tests and assignments; they'll be the ones complaining because they chose not to come to class and they missed all of the "answers" that were given out and therefore that mean ole Mrs. Leggett GAVE them a D... or an F... or whatever she felt like that day. humph. College. Who would have thought it would be like this? WORK and RESPONSIBILITY, that's crazy. College is for free internet, free socializing, good cafeteria food, great dorms to shack up in, lotsa partying, and most of all, financial aid refunds and a free "get out of work" card - for at least 2 years, if not 7 or 8... geeeez!


Beth said...

Amen sister! Don't you know we're supposed to just pat them on the back and hand 'em an A? We've got way too much "poor baby" going on and not enough "welcome to the real world" when it comes to a lot of students today!

hstingley said...

Don't let it get you down too much-you are a great teacher who does wonderful things (I know several of your students who just love your classes). Teaching is difficult and I know I couldn't do it, but like my mom said since she taught high school students-"I did my 25yrs to life sentence!" She's retired now but I remember those days when her students just couldn't understand the concept of having to actually turn in homework to get a grade or understand why they failed because in their eyes and their parents, they were perfect angels. Yeah right!