Monday, January 18, 2010

enjoying my children; remembering my angels

Today, I'm at home, off work for the national holiday, enjoying the extra day with my kiddos. They are so bright and so loving. I love them so much.
Today also makes 5 years since I miscarried our very first child. Its a bittersweet day - glad to have the time to spend with my little ones but also a time that I cannot forget my Angel Baby. I still wonder if it was a boy or girl?, and what would he or she look like?, and because I don't know much about them (I had a second miscarriage between Jax and Joy) will I know who they are in heaven? Will I recognize them as my Angel Babies, the children I never got to meet and never got to hold but who I have thought so much about?
Today also reminds me of the many, many blessings God has given me. Today I will enjoy my family and praise Him for each and every one. Additionally, I'll keep those who are struggling with miscarriage and/or infertility in my prayers but I already know God will take care of them too! He's just wonderful like that!


Angela said...

Thinking of you, Neisha. I think losses help us appreciate the children we do have that much more.

Kit Boisvert Meyer said...

This is so well put Neisha.