Monday, May 11, 2009

Easter - finally!

Yes, everyone has posted their Easter pictures by now. Heck, y'all have probably already printed them too, and put them in the photo album and put them away in the vault for permanent storage by now. Well, I'm a little late. What else is new? I'm always late. But I'm posting my Easter pictures anyway.

This year, at church, we had a carnival-type atmosphere for the children's easter party. The weather was great, and we really enjoyed not being cramped up inside in the little bitty fellowship hall. Hopefully, by the time the next children's function rolls around, we will be in our NEW fellowship hall! Jax (and all of the other kids, too) seemed to like the games and the free-flow style of the activities.

That's cousin Gavin who served as Jax's sidekick throughout most of the party. Boy, the mischief those two can get into!!! They are exactly one year and 2 days apart in age. And, both all BOY!

sack race don't these bunnies look mischievious??

Yes, we do have a lefty! :-)
activity room: making easter and birthday cards for Felder and Easton, who could not attend

and, Joy's activity of choice:

Jax not cooperating with Easter photos:

Joy not really cooperating with Easter photos:
Or, maybe it was the bunny that was the culprit. ha.

here's all the kiddos, just before the traditional Egg Hunt

And, the race is on! They're off to find that prize egg!

Jax found a few eggs... Joy was content to sleep through it all. But that' s ok, cause Jax volunteered to give her all of the pink and purple eggs that he found.

Jax got to hunt eggs with the extended family also. Both sides. he never got tired of hunting eggs, though and he always remembered to share with Joy since she was too little to hunt eggs for herself. :-) Sweet boy!

Jax was proud of his found treasures. However, he was a bit confused to find a few REAL eggs in his basket. Ha - What's this world coming to? Kids expect the Easter Bunny to hide plastic only these days ... nothing like when i was a kid, when there was ONE plastic egg, the "prize egg," and it was giant! - recycled from someone's new pantyhose container from Easter morning, hee hee hee. Anyway, we helped Jax peel one of the real eggs that he found, but he was not interested in tasting it. Once the bright orange shell was gone, he lost interest and tried to pass the edible egg off to me... yuck... i don't eat them either! Ha. Daddy to the rescue on that issue! ha

Anyway, Joy was happy to sit and visit with Aunt Dana while Jax and the other bigger kids were hunting. Next year, she'll hunt eggs and eat the real ones too, thank you very much.

On to the next family Egg hunt...

Oh, wait, I didn't get any pictures worth sharing of that one. Drats. I hate it when that happens. I guess toting one around, and chasing after another makes it hard for anyone to get good photos, especially in a high-speed event like Egg-Huntin' in the country! I got great video on my camcorder, but no good still pics. Maybe next year. I guess I'll end my so-long-overdue-that-it's-actually-plain-ole-outdated Easter post with some pics of Jax and Joy dying some eggs on Easter Eve, and then discovering their baskets on Easter morn. Happy Easter everyone!


Angela said...

OMG,they look more alike the older Joy gets. Better late than never! These are great!

Joy said...

They are adorable! Stella got the same baby doll in her Easter basket!