Saturday, May 16, 2009

5 months

So, what's Joy been up to lately?

well, first and foremost, she has been really "into" her toes! She has discovered her feet and loves to use her toes to massage her gums! ha ha. No teeth yet, but with all of the drooling, chewing, and massaging with her new discovery, we suspect that a tooth or two are not too far away!

She was 5 months old on the 9th of May. She's rolling over well (both ways), and is making great strides in the sitting up area. She is sorta like those Weebles things... she can sit unassisted for a while, but eventually, she just sorta topples over; it's really cute and funny for us, but i'm sure frustrating for her! She is contantly "talking," cooing in her own language, and sometimes even gets rather loud, as if she is fussing. ha. She is still a wonderful, wonderful sleeper! We are so blessed for that. If we don't wake her, she can easily sleep til 11 a.m. or later without waking at all! She can get any place that she wants to go in her walker! - she is very good at Walker Navigation. She loves to "stand" up and sit up; as a matter of fact, she now thinks she is too big to lay down and play. She is still taking Similac Advance Early Shield, and has had no problems whatsoever. She can almost hold her own bottle, but hasn't quite mastered that yet... but she's practicing! Joy loves to be outside, and she loves to watch her big brother and other kids play. She is looking forward to the day that she can officially join in on the fun!

She is such a happy baby, and we are enjoying every minute of it. Despite all of the warnings from others, and even despite of my own experiences parenting Jax, I still cannot believe HOW FAST time flies by! Both of them are growing soooo fast!


Angela said...

Love that toe-grabbing pic!