Friday, January 30, 2009

Catching up

It's been a long time since I last blogged. I think about it everyday, but just don't always get around to it after doing all of the "necessities". I try to make myself do the not-so-fun stuff first, or else it won't get done. The sad part of that policy is that, when strictly enforced, then I NEVER get around to the fun stuff.
After several attempts to try to get a few hours out of the house to spend time with the "girls" last night, I just gave up. It seemed to be one disaster after another, that only Mama could solve, of course, until it was simply too late to make it to the gathering. So, since that didn't work out, I figured I'd reward myself tonight! I got all three of my children in bed (yes, I said three! the oldest is the most stubborn, by the way!) so I am gonna blog FIRST tonight, darn it!
Wow, a lot has been happening since I last blogged.
Josh has been working for the last two weeks solid. He did manage to bag an 8-point buck one afternoon. Ah, yes, that was the day that I finally convinced him to put Joy's armoire together... he opened the box and exclaimed, "Neisha, there's four million pieces to this thing! I'm not putting this together today! I think I'm just gonna go hunting" ugh. And, so, the armoire remains in the box still and my child suffers with no place to hang her darling little clothes.
Jax has been hunting with his Daddy and Paw-Paw a few times, when the weather wasn't too terribly cold. He also had a birthday party which was scaled down from previous years, but still loads of fun. Pictures coming soon!
I still can't believe he is 3!
Joy has been changing almost daily. She's still beautiful, of course, and she's growing like a weed. She holds her head up very well now, and she is also smiling and even cooing at everyone and everything. She especially thinks it's funny when her Daddy and I make all sorts of sounds with our mouths... clicking, smacking, blowing... all are just so funny to her! (have you ever wondered what aliens would think if they observed our silly behavior??? LOL) We've had several photo sessions since I last posted to my blog, so those pics will be coming very soon. As a matter of fact, my 2-gig memory card is FULL as of today! So, that means, I've got to get to work on some of those pictures so that I can erase and start over again. I had photo sessions with both Joy and Jax today (separately) so I will try to pick a few favorites to share with you as soon as I can. Sadly, dial-up internet is my enemy when it comes to blogging. I know, I know. Posts without pictures are blah, but dial-up causes my pictures to take a very very very long time to upload on here. They say we live too far in the sticks to get DSL, but maybe if I'm really good this year, Santa will pull some strings for us here in the deep woods of B.C.!
Here's just a couple - you knew I couldn't resist!! That's ok - I really don't need any sleep anyway. I would much rather share pictures with you all instead.
These seem "old" now, but I must post in chronological order. (ha, pet peeve - one of many)

Joy - 6 weeks old
For some reason, I love this picture. I know it's off-center and all, but something about it gives me warm-fuzzies. ha. Had to share!
And, here's a picture of Jax, my 3-year-old full of personality. ha ha. He's into making faces now. The thing is, he's still learning when it's appropriate to do such. ha. For example, imagine this: you're scolding this ever-so-cute 3 year old, which is hard enough in itself, and you make eye contact with him, and you see something like this:

Can't help but smile, right? LOL, Me too!


Angela said...

These are so precious! Joy looks so much like Jax did when he was little! They are both so cute!