Thursday, March 4, 2010

lil' Popeye

Jax has become interested in "healthy" eating, thanks to a change in the daily menu at preschool. It's amazing that his teachers can get him to eat things that he wouldn't dare touch at home! I won't say much about that because I can very specifically remember doing the same thing when I was a child. But, I still admire his teacher's ability to get him to try some of the things on their "new and improved" lunch menu because many of the items I would never touch in a million years myself, regardless of how many stickers, praises, treats, and prizes are offered!
So, now that Jax is a "health nut", a grocery shopping trip is EVEN MORE interesting with him tagging along. Just this week, he pitched a fit as I was loading a 5lb. bag of sugar into the buggy. He was screaming, "MOOOOMMMA! SUGAR IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU!" All of the other shoppers just strolled by, as I attempted to explain that some sugar is okay. He just got louder.

A few aisles over, he found the canned Spinach. Yuck. I tried to ignore his suggestions that we buy some. How was I, the totally-non-healthy-eater, going to tell him that I wasn't going to buy it? He told me all the reasons it is healthy - it is green, it is a bedge-able {vegetable}, AND- it is what Popeye eats, and HE is really strong and healthy.... Ok, yes, you got that right - we are now the owners of this:
So, I held my breath as I unloaded the groceries and put them away at home that evening; I hoped he would forget that we bought the stuff. And, he did. For now, anyway.

So here's the dilemma: What in the world am I going to do with this stuff??? I have NO IDEA how to prepare it (or are you even supposed to do that?)!!!! SUGGESTIONS? Please! How do you cook this?!!! help!!!!


hstingley =0) said...

Kelcie just loves her Popeye Spinach-in fact it's the only brand she will eat...I'll eat any that's in front of me. I just put it in a pan to warm it since it's basically already cooked with some salt & pepper. She gobbles it down and begs for more every time I cook it, so give it a try for Jax, it's not as bad as it seems-I promise!

Melissa Kyzar said...

I am LOL here..Jax has beeen telling me for ages how much he LOVES he eats it often. My family loves it.. I just heat and eat.
I will have to re read our healthy eating book that says alittle sugar is good for you LOL