Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just Listening...

Sunday evening, we picked up our lil' buddy, Brandon, and took him to church with us. Brandon just recently got a new baby sister at his house. The boys were in their car seats in the back. They were both having a good time, and were very excited. I was driving and enjoyed just listening to them as they carried on a conversation right by themselves! Let me paraphrase:
Jax: Shoe [you] have Wiggles?
Brandon: huh?
J: Shoe have Wiggles at shoe house?
B: oh, no, I have [some movie that I couldn't decipher]
J: Oh! O-tay, Dreat [great]
B: and, i have a baby at my house Jax Weggett!
J: I have a baby too
B: but my baby is out!
J: oh. my baby is not out
B: your baby is in your mommy's tummy
J: yeah, my baby is in mama's bel-wee [belly]
B: well, my baby is out. Your baby will come out soon
J: yep, it's almost time but not yet
B: I have a baby sister at my house
J: Oh! Dreat. I need to see shoe baby sister, Brandon
B: ok, you can see my baby sister at my house
J: Oh, Dreat. my baby sister will come out soon and i will show her to shoe
B: ok! I don't like chocolate milk, Jax.
J: shoe don't have choc-y milk? wheres shoe cup?
B: um, uh, um I... um...
J: don't worwy [worry], Brandon, we'll get shoe a cup. At church
B: I don't like chocolate milk, Jax.

It's amazing how they are just "little people" ... it is so neat to watch them interact. Brandon is 3 and Jax will be 3 very soon, and they already have this communication thing down pat! So sweet!


Susann said...

Awww! That is too cute! LOVED your paraphrasing. ha ha! I can't wait to see them Saturday at K-man's party!

Therese said...

I think the train-of-consciousness conversation is my favorite thing about listening to kids interact. How it went from movies to baby sisters to chocolate milks is just awesome to me... I hope it's not because I think like that. :)